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Please NOTE! Changes in the air…. July 18, 2008

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My WONDERFUL husband set up my own web domain last night, so Melz Midnight Brew has moved!!! Please find me at www.melzmidnightbrew.com – For those of you who aren’t totally web-savvy, don’t freak out…. nothing has changed except my address is now SHORTER and EASIER to remember, and I get a few more perks with having my own domain, LOL!

For those of you lovely friends who have me on your blog-roll, please be sure to change my address on your blog! Thanks – Love y’all!!


3rd time’s a charm… July 17, 2008

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3 days of posting in a row, wow, let’s hope I can keep this up!… 🙂

Some more pictures of the tribe. As I go through our pictures, it’s amazing to think that sometime next year (Lord willing!) I’ll have another little one (or two!) to share pictures of with all of you!

 I thought he looked so handsome in this pic!

 Hi, Mom!!

 I love the expressions on each of their faces in this one.

 Mariah’s curls! Her hair is finally getting longer 🙂

 Close-up of Mariah’s curls. She and Ethan are my only 2 w/curly hair like mine.

 “Savannah Smiles”…. those of you who know me really well know that I’m referencing a favorite childhood movie! 🙂

 Fresh veggies from my container garden!!

Thanks for visiting!!

Hippotherapy! July 16, 2008

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Mariah & Ethan had their very first Hippotherapy session today!!



We were so excited to get the call late yesterday that there were 2 permanent spots open for Mariah & Ethan! They will start going each Tuesday at 5pm. Praise the Lord!! They are hoping to be able to squeeze Savannah in, as well, but at this time they do not have an opening for her. We need to be able to bring her on the same date as the arena is over an hour away, and diesel is not cheap these days 😉

Anyhow, the kids had a blast! Mariah bonded immediately with the horse. She had no fear at all. She was simply enjoying the ride, well… more like an intense workout for her!! The therapists were GREAT. We were overall very impressed. Ethan was not crazy about the idea of riding the horse, at first, but within about 10 minutes he had warmed up to the horse and his therapists, and he was doing great! Needless to say, M&E were quite exhausted this evening – both fell asleep early. What a great way to end the evening, though!!

Hubby & I enjoyed a swim in the 90 degree pool tonight, which is always a nice way for us to unwind. Now I’m enjoying my pepper jelly on toast and some soy milk. We stopped by the Amish store on our way to hippotherapy today, which is always a fun place to visit. I’m getting ready to try my hand at making some “Thai Mango Sweet Sticky Rice” tomorrow. I just needed some tapioca starch, and Ada’s came to my rescue as always! 🙂

Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment: 


Not so sure about this, mom…


Ethan’s white horse (he talked about all the way home and all evening before he fell asleep :-))

Warming up to the horse…


They started out laying her across the horse


…but discovered that she could do very well side-sitting! As you can see, she really liked this position, and it encouraged her to hold her head up!

This was one HAPPY “cowgirl” 🙂


As always… charming everyone! That’s my girl. She may not talk & she may not walk, but she warms the heart of everyone she meets!! 

As always, thanks for stopping by!